Read This Amazing Book: Life On Your Terms

By Seamus Anthony

Book review by Seamus Anthony

Recently an “Internet Acquaintance” of mine, Shann Vander Leek sent me her book, Life On Your Terms, and as I knew very little about her or her book, it was a pleasant surprise to discover that I really enjoyed it.

Actually, I didn’t just “really enjoy it” …

I flippin’ loved it!

Here’s the email I sent to Shann before I had even finished reading it:

Hi Shann,

I am dipping in and out of your book and each time it’s like an inspiration espresso!

Accordingly, the following is pretty turbo-charged but I assure you, written by one stone-cold sober musician.

Reading this book, both your words and your interviewees, I have made quantum leaps – especially in the areas of legacy, clarity and courage – and (very rare) was on the verge of tears just a moment ago due to several impactful moments in a short space of time as I flipped randomly through knockout chapter after knockout chapter, too buzzed to read for long without acting on my passion – right now.

Suffice to say I’ll be publishing a glowing review, but more importantly: thank you for showing me that I am not alone in my idiosyncratic outlook on life, and in doing so, multiplying my power to rock by about one million megahurtz.

The book is a collection of interviews with some very inspirational and inspired people. Some of the quotes are awesome. The following quote in particular, by Canadian businessman Perry Niehaus, shattered some block in my mind with a powerful intensity that had me spinning in my chair and wondering what just hit me:

When you come to understand that there is nothing to fear, life will progress. Everything that happens in our lives that hurts us or holds us back is based on fear. When we can completely give up our fear, we can do anything.

As well as conquering fear, there is a running theme in the book about legacy. I have been guilty of never really giving much thought to the concept, until recently, as the reality that my little girl is one day going to grow into a young adult who will no doubt read and listen to my writing and music and otherwise look to my (increasingly huge) public record of thoughts, opinions and actions for guidance.

Thankfully, having just conquered fear, I did not go into a panic at the thought!!!

Instead I made a commitment in writing to what I want my legacy to be. I might even publish that process here soon, but the point is, it was this fantastic book that helped me to look myself square in the face and really have a good think about what it is I represent, what I stand for, what I contribute to the greater good.

So in closing, if you harbour a desire to break free from the shackles of drudgery, discover and/or start living your passion and could use a little push – well this ain’t the book for you – because it will give you a BIG push. Seriously, I developed such an action-bias while reading this it was like I had ADHD; I just kept getting so inspired to go for it I had to get up every few minutes and take descisive action towards the fulfillment of my truest desires.

Do yourself a big favour – go buy Life On Your Terms – it will be an investment that pays off handsomely, no doubt about it.

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