Creatures from the Bog (Have Needs Too)

By Seamus Anthony

A new recording and video by Seamus Anthony (err, as in, me)

I wrote “Creatures from the Bog” while driving in the country one day. My car radio wasn’t working so I just jammed the song up sans-axe, and then grabbed a guitar later and the chords were just there a-waitin’.

This actual version was recorded when I was visiting my birth town of Adelaide, Australia (I live in Melbourne). I popped in to catch up with my mate Barry “Spindickle” Cree at Nigel Koop’s flat. Nigel and Spinner are both really well known musicians in rAdelaide and before too long we were kickin’ out the jams, white-boys-with-beards style, me on the twanger, with Spinner smashing out some choc-ice rockin’ beats.

Nigel recorded it on his 4 track cassette recorder and later added some electric guitar sounds. Then he posted it to me with a hand drawing of George Lucas for good measure. I asked him if we could remix it (the song not the drawing) but he recorded over the cassette or at least that’s what he told me (truth is he probably used it in some kind of weird sex act which left it playing all funny).

The other night I thought to myself “This needs a video clip”. Then I thought “I need a burger” and went out and got one.

After I’d eaten I razzled up some public domain footage from old horror movies, plus some iStock goodies and a bit of my own iPhone genius and next thing you know – I’m iFamous! … Right?

Check out the video. It’s pretty hot.

Creatures from the Bog (Have Needs Too)

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