About Rebel Zen

“From Tortured Artist to Creative Powerhouse!”

Rebel Zen is about helping you to evolve from ‘tragic artiste’ to ‘kick-ass creative’. From over-thinking to focused action. From aimless wandering to the freedom and self-confidence that comes from living life consciously.

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Hi, I’m Seamus Anthony – a musician and writer from Melbourne, Australia.

Rebel Zen exists to help creative, thinking people like you progress from “Rebel” (a place of dysfunction, dissatisfaction and distraction) to “Zen” (a place where you feel peaceful, purposeful and positive). I illustrate this progression via stories from my own ongoing journey from immature, messed-up ‘creative’ (writer & musician) to the fired-up creative I am now.

While I am reluctant to paint a tragic picture of my past—I have lead a blessed life in so many ways—the truth is I have often struggled to find inner peace and my place in this life. I have struggled (and still do) with addiction, depression and anxiety. I had no focus, no ‘values framework’ and, despite a cocky attitude, low self-belief.

These days I am glad to report that, while there is always more work to do, I’m in a much better place in my private and creative lives. I have more self-discipline. I’m healthier and more productive. And while I’m (so) not perfect—I still struggle, and that’s fine—I am now more able to cope with the challenges of life and the weird head-trip that it sometimes is to be born a creative soul.

I generally write about 3 things: motivation, meditation and creativity.

  • My motivation levels are through the roof these days because I am so passionate about my life’s work and my healthier lifestyle gives me the energy and positive outlook needed to get on with the work.
  • I have been meditating since the late 1990s and I can honestly say it’s been a life saver.
  • Creativity requires inspiration and I’m here to help you get into a good head-space, get off the couch and get on with making your art—and then actually to finish it!

Oh, and I’m not just talkin’ the creative talk—for better or for worse, I walk the creative walk too. I write fiction, I write non-fiction and I’m a rock muso from waaay back. Here’s an example…

To start your journey to Rebel Zen Mastery, please download your free copy of my book: “The Monkey Mind: What Stops You and How To Stop That!”

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P.P.S. After 8 years of resisting, I’ve only just now (August 2016) finally created a Rebel Zeb Facebook page, which is silly because I am a heavy personal user, so go connect with me there and let’s, you know, be friends 🙂