About Rebel Zen

Hi, I’m Seamus Anthony – a musician and writer from Melbourne, Australia.

My mission in this life is to help you with my music, words and presence to get in touch with your Higher Power (whatever that means to you), so that you may find your own True Purpose and experience greater abundance, health, happiness and success.

seamus anthony rebelzen

Since 2008, Rebel Zen has existed to help you on your path to greater health, happiness and success. There is a strong emphasis on meditation, inspiration, conscious growth and my your own brand of “free-form spirituality” (I am not into dogma).

Rebel Zen is about helping you to grow from a place of discontent (“rebel”) to a place of abundance & peace (“zen”). I’ve come a long way, going deep to find the strength to overcome challenges – and my aim is help you find your way into the sun too!

To start your journey to Rebel Zen Mastery, please download your free copy of my book: “The Monkey Mind: What Stops You and How To Stop That!”

P.S. Connect with me on Twitter and say hi, I am there a fair bit these days.