Anxiety Meditation

By Seamus Anthony

anxiety meditation
Anxiety Meditation: a simple, cheap and low-fuss way to reduce anxiety and bring peace, calm and happiness into your life.

Your Problem: Anxiety is ruining your life and you have simply got to make it stop.

Meanwhile, you know that meditation is supposed to be great for anxiety – but – you don’t know how to meditate effectively! You’ve tried it but you get no results, just more anxiety and more stress.

Maybe you have tried to meditate in a one or a variety of ways but have found the experience frustrating.

You may find that while meditating your mind drives you crazy while you sit, bored, fidgety and more anxious than ever. You may have been left feeling very emotional and annoyed by the experience.

You may have tried a meditation class but been put off by the traditional, inflexible and even sexist attitudes that a lot of meditation schools insist on.

Some meditation styles are too complicated – you get all wound up just trying to “do it right”.

Some meditation styles are so cheesy that you find yourself wanting to barf (or do bad things to the New Age lame-o narrating the meditation CD).And don’t even get me started on the majority of meditation music styles that you hear out there. Oh my goddamn ears! The pain!

But jokes aside, you have a problem. Anxiety is ruining your life and you have simply got to make it stop. So you NEED meditation because it promises you a calm mind, a relaxed mind – happiness even. And yes – meditation certainly can provide you with that. And it doesn’t need to be a big deal.

Anxiety Meditation is Simple

Seriously, it is simple to use meditation to calm your anxiety. I know because I’m not an expert in traditional meditation techniques. I haven’t spent years cross-legged at the feet of the guru. Actually I am just a rock musician from Melbourne, Australia who found out through trial and error how to beat anxiety using simple, non-religious meditation.

And look, I don’t want you to get to the bottom of this article and be all like “Oh man! This is a freakin’ sales pitch!” so let me clear – I am selling something here. But the benefit to you, when compared to the cost, makes this a no-brainer for anyone suffering, as I once did, from the mental anguish that is an anxiety disorder.

By spending a measly $10 on my detailed eBook “Anxiety Meditation” you can discover how simple meditation can be (once you turf all the chanting, gongs and other hippy bullshit). And more importantly, you can enjoy the wonderful benefits of meditation that you crave: relief from anxiety, stress and depression.

This book will free you from any of the limiting rubbish you may have read before about meditation – that you need to do it in exactly such-and-such a way, or according to this guru or that. It will take away the silly idea that the way you sit, or what you eat or the “sacred energy” that you need to tap into mean anything at all. (Hint: they don’t.)

You will come to know a simple technique to reduce anxiety and increase feelings of peace, calm and happiness that anyone can do, just about anywhere. You don’t need any special CD’s, MP3’s or “revolutionary technologies”. You don’t need to sign up for a weekend retreat in the mountains and you don’t need to become some kind of gormless hippy zen-monk wanna-be who never has any beer, meat or fun.

Having said that, you will need to actually practise the meditation techniques described in the book. But truly, they are really easy to follow and you can do it:

  • when it suits you
  • as often as it suits you
  • while listening to whatever music that you like.
  • or no music
  • while sitting in a comfortable positon.

Hell – you can even meditate on the john if you can’t get any goddamn peace anywhere else. It. Doesn’t. Matter.

The point is meditation works to eliminate anxiety and my “Anxiety Meditation” ebook will show you how simple meditation really is. That’s my no-bullshit guarantee.

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Does The Following Sound Like You?

Anxiety is characterised as a feeling of dread, the persistent worry that something bad is happening or about to happen. There are situations where to feel some anxiety is only normal, like driving to your first day at a new job or school, or when you are flying overseas for the first time. Instances like these are simply your brain’s way of saying “Hey, we are venturing into the unknown here and that could mean trouble. Everybody on high alert until we are certain everything is cool”.

Abnormal anxiety occurs when the feelings of heightened worry and anxiousness are present persistently even when you are in your own environment or another familiar, comfortable situation where there seems to be no overt reason to be “on high alert”.

If you are suffering from a GAD (general anxiety disorder) then you may be obsessed with small problems to an abnormal degree, you may experience heightened heart rate, sweaty palms and forehead, a rising sense of panic. You may have trouble remembering details or focussing on daily tasks or conversation. Even if there is little that is actually going wrong in your life, your mind and body are acting as if something is going very wrong indeed because you suffer from a persistent, non-specific feelings and thoughts of worry and fear.

Anxiety disorders can be a very serious medical condition and while this e-book can’t be a replacement for professional, medical help it DOES contain my story of what TOTALLY worked for me and how you can try my “Anxiety Meditation” technique to see if it helps you also. Chances are good that it will.

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My Experiences With Anxiety

I am not generally an anxious person; in fact I am usually just the opposite: a very happy-go-lucky, chilled out dude. However, life throws everyone its challenges and one of mine has been 3 distinct phases where I suffered from extended periods of intense, unbearable anxiety.

The first time it happened to me was in my mid-late twenties. The second and third times it happened I was in my mid-thirties. All three times I was filled with incredibly persistent feelings of dread, like the world was about to end at any moment.

I found myself unable to concentrate when people were talking and on my tasks at work. I was constantly fretting about one imagined threat after another and would often have sweaty palms and a racing heart. Not only could I not concentrate on what people were saying I really, really wanted everybody to simply shut up because I felt like I needed to fully concentrate on surviving whatever it was – usually it was non-specific – that was obviously about to go wrong.

Consequently, I increasingly avoided social interaction and, when unavoidable, preferred to use alcohol as a crutch to get me through barbecues and dinner parties.

I often felt like running away, just taking off down the street and not looking back and not stopping. At night I could barely sleep. I would think about how terrible and cruel humans can be to each other, I would despair at the suffering of wars long gone or many miles away and the craziest thing was when cars would drive slowly up the road in the wee hours of the morning (as they do) I would freak out, certain that “they” were coming for me.

I knew full well that this state of mind was abnormal, and in my better moments I would talk myself around with logic, going over the fact that I was a law-abiding citizen and there was no reason for “them” to come and take me away. I would calmly go over the very clear fact that there was no evidence that anything bad was happening or about to happen, and I would feel better for a short while.

But then it would get dark or something would just click in my mind and I would be right back where I started, freaking out about everything and nothing – silently, to myself, without talking to anyone about it.

I was living in relative paradise but experiencing my own private hell.


How I Cured My Anxiety

…enter meditation, stage left.

This may sound dramatic, but discovering meditation saved my life. It took me from the dark into the light. It took me from hell and took me to heaven. It made the demons go away and filled my heart with angels. More to the point – it gave me a very real way out from the horrible anxiety that had consumed my mind and body.

Once I learned how to meditate I stopped seeing the world as something to be feared and returned to a carefree, youthful place of optimism and cheerfulness. I stopped thinking stupid shit about “them” coming to take me away and started reaching out to the world again, expecting good things. I stopped trying to fly under the radar and again felt good enough about myself to stand tall and say “here I am world – check it out”.

Meditating took away the angst, edginess, the desire to flee, the inability to concentrate and that ever-present, inexplicable sense of impending doom. Misery packed its bags and left without so much as a threatening look over its shoulder.

Meditation took me to the “clear space of good feeling” inside me, it opened a door to the inside of me where to my surprise, in a glowing, golden palace, lived a Loving Presence who held out a gift to me – the gift of reassurance that everything is ok. That things are – and you may find this hard to believe right now – exactly perfect just how they are.

It revealed to me that I am just fine, that I do my best and my best is good enough. That I contribute greatly to this world and have every reason to feel good about myself. Mediation revealed to me that I am a good person, not, as I had come to feel, a repugnant slime ball who deserves nothing but guilt and punishment for a non-existent litany of unspeakable, hideous, imaginary crimes.

Meditation was the key in the door – and when I turned it, all the pain went away and it felt wonderful to be alive again, just like it ought to. Just like I deserve.

And you deserve it too, you may not feel like it now but no matter who you are or how you feel about yourself right now, you deserve to be happy and carefree – so grab my book, and with a little application, you too can leave the Forest of Doom and begin your journey to the Castle of Light.

Buy the Book Now and discover how simple Anxiety Meditation is and how powerful it can be, bringing calm ,peace of mind and happiness into your life and giving anxiety, stress and expression their marching orders…

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anxiety meditation