How To Time-Travel (and why you should)

By Seamus Anthony

By Seamus Anthony

I was just reading a blog post that explained something I kind of knew but hadn’t really thought about – that the old gatekeeper barriers (to a career in the creative arts, creative business, etc) that the Internet has famously blown away were only ever a smokescreen anyway and that the real barrier still exists – hard work, persistence, focus – all that tough stuff that we don’t wanna do a lot.

Just so happens that I was also just reminiscing with an old friend who I used to live with in the 90s and with whom I have recently made contact with again ala Facebook. We were talking about where the time goes and how did we get this “old” already so fast and I said something about how I wish I could time travel so I could go back and tell the very happy-go-lucky 26 year old me to get the fuck on with it and do some hard work (that mattered, as opposed to tending bars until 4:30am like a crazed go-bot for minimum wage).

Then the thought struck me that I CAN time-travel and that I SHOULD and that in fact it is VITAL to do so.

I can and should travel forward through time to when I am 46, then turn around and travel back through time to now and be the 46 year old me and tell the current 36 year old me to get the fuck on with it and do some hard work (that matters, as opposed to lazily doing cool shit like write the odd blog post, build the odd website and strum the odd guitar chord until 4:30pm before going in for a pre-dinner snack like a dazed slow-bot).

Do you get me? What I am saying is that when I am 46 I am potentially going to feel the same about me NOW as I do about me ten years ago – which is that it’s all very well and very nice but for God’s sake – there is SO much opportunity right now for those who work their arses off.

Don’t get me wrong: I am all for, you know, being all like, Zen but Hey! News Flash! Zen dudes work harder than, like, anyone, you know?

ok I do work pretty hard, but I can always work harder.

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