4 Tips for Success (And 1 Freakin’ Cool Dawg)

By Seamus Anthony

I found these tips really inspiring today. They helped me get some clarity back in the old noggin after a busy week’s serving my various masters. Some juice with which to keep rockin’ on. Maybe they will help you too. Inspired by an author called Jim Collins (whose books, I admit, I have not read), via this article.

(Yeah I know, that link is some pretty dorky shit. You might like to forget about that and pretend instead that this freakin’ cool dog is the font from which the following wisdom did spout…)

tips for success dog

this is one wise tips-for-success dawg.

1. Plan to survive:

Eat well. Whole foods. Minimise sugar, wheat & dairy.
Drugs. Avoid them. Minimal alcohol & coffee. No smoke.
Sleep. Get enough. No laptops at night.
Exercise. Get enough. Mix it up.
Stress. Avoid it. Meditate.
Happiness. Be grateful. Serve others. Be mindful around people.
Keep the wolves from the door. Then shoot for the moon.
Persist. Stay clear about goals. Keep at it.

2. Focus:

Decide what is essential.
Just do that.
Stop doing other shit.

3. Build an awesome team:

Only the best people.
People who you love to work with.
People with talent and drive.

4. Never grow complacent:

Once something works to bring success, keep doing it.
Don’t let down your guard.

All sounds like good horse-sense to me… but the trick is following through!

“Ideas are commodity. Execution of them is not.”

Michael Dell said that apparently. It’s my favourite quote.
Photo credit: WickedVT

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