Rebel Zen: from ‘tortured artist’ to ‘creative powerhouse’

Here’s the thing: you’re kind of a weirdo.

Not a should-probably-be-in-prison weirdo, but a not-really-like-the-so-called-normal-people weirdo … AKA “the creative type”.

What I mean to say is, you’re a bit odd. Slightly different. You don’t really fit any stereotype. You’re a round peg who doesn’t fit no damn square holes.

You’re creative (or know you could be anyway).

You may struggle to work out exactly what your place in this world is. You may struggle to follow through and finish things. Sometimes, you may struggle to even function in this world.

You are definitely a thinker. And no matter if and how well you may appear to fit nicely into society, you feel slightly apart from the mainstream.

You possess higher than average intelligence and perception, leaving you highly sensitive to the banal, the cheesy, the mundane and the stupid.

Basically, you don’t go “Baaaa!” like all the other sheep.

Creative inspiration. Hold the cheese. Extra quirk.

So yeah, you’re a weirdo … BUT (and this is important) you are actually human!

Yes! It’s true!

And like all humans – you have dreams. You have needs. You want to contribute and make something epic happen in this life.

You still get off on a good dose of motivational inspiration … but you DON’T want to be manipulated by some mealy-mouthed, white-toothed shonk in a power suit. And you DON’T want the kind of smarmy, lamo, same-old-same-old hippy-drippy cliches and platitudes that get wheeled out again and again and again …

It’s not that you need stuff to be self-consciously “edgy” … you put little value in shock for shock’s sake … rather you need your sources of inspiration to be interesting, intelligent and non-prescriptive. You want inspiration, not a blueprint, because you’re an individual not a bot to be programmed.

Rebel Zen: Helping you grow from ‘tortured artist’ to ‘creative powerhouse’

If all of the above rings true, then Rebel Zen is your kind of place.

Hi, I’m Australian musician, writer & artist Seamus Anthony. Here, I document my journey as an creative artist and human and in doing so, hopefully help you in your own progress through your life of creativity.

A great place to get started is to follow me on Instagram and/or download your free copy of my book: “The Monkey Mind: What Stops You and How To Stop That!”

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About Séamus Anthony

These days, I hail from Melbourne, Australia. I have, in my time, been a wildly successful musician, a not very successful musician, and everything in-between. In the mid-90s the band I fronted, Reckoning, were enjoying A-rotation on national Australian radio, performing to crowds of thousands in my city of origin, Adelaide, and selling CDs by the truck load. Reckoning appeared on the cover of local newspapers and street mags as well as in Rolling Stone magazine. We performed at the Big Day Out in ‘96 with Nick Cave and Rage Against The Machine and supported bands like The Tea Party and You Am I.

By the late ‘90s the party was over and I found myself cleaning toilets to get by in my new hometown, Melbourne.

These days I am the proud father of two and yet, amazingly, still a creative force wrapped in human skin: tirelessly sporadically pumping out music, books, blogs and art. I have written articles for various publications, two non-fiction books (Taming the Monkey Mind and Psychedelic Meditation). I was commissioned to travel to China in October 2016 by Crane Animation Studio to compose the theme song to their latest TV show, which will be apparently be released early-mid 2018. In 2017 I began learning to produce my own music in a very simple home studio (aka laptop) and I also began making visual art again after not making visual art for my entire adult life. In 2018 I’m travelling to Europe & the USA with my family, and making more music and art.

About Rebel Zen

Rebel Zen has been online since 2008 and has taken a few twists and turns along the way. Some of these twists were pretty cool, others less so, but here we are ten years later and it now simply exists to document my journey as an artist and in doing so, hopefully help creative, thinking people like you progress from “Rebel” (a place of dysfunction, dissatisfaction and distraction) to “Zen” (a place where you feel peaceful, purposeful and positive). I illustrate this progression via stories from my own ongoing journey from immature, messed-up ‘creative’ (writer & musician) to the fired-up creative I am now.

While I am reluctant to paint a tragic picture of my past—I have lead a blessed life in so many ways—the truth is I have often struggled to find inner peace and my place in this life. I have struggled (and still do) with addiction, depression and anxiety. I had no focus, no ‘values framework’ and, despite a cocky attitude, low self-belief.

These days I am glad to report that, while there is always more work to do, I’m in a much better place in my private and creative lives. I have more self-discipline. I’m healthier and more productive. And while I’m (so, so) not perfect—I still struggle, and that’s fine—I am now more able to cope with the challenges of life and the weird head-trip that it sometimes is to be born a creative soul.

To further your own creative journey, please download your free copy of my book: “The Monkey Mind: What Stops You and How To Stop That!”

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