Welcome Rebel Zen. Over many years, I have released much music and two books – enjoy!

monkey mind book

Taming The Monkey Mind

What is the Monkey Mind? The Monkey Mind is what stops you starting, finishing, succeeding. The Monkey Mind is what stops you – period. “Taming The Monkey Mind” is how to stop that. Free for … Read more

enjoy getting high without weed

Psychedelic Meditation

Imagine: you are sitting in your room, enjoying the kind of brilliant, cosmic high that other people pay good money for – but it costs you nothing, you can turn it off at any time, … Read more

seamus anthony music store


Seamus Anthony has been making music since the early 90s. He has seen great success, selling out huge venues and selling thousands of CDs – and hard times too, but always kept making music. Visit … Read more