Taming The Monkey Mind: What Stops You Creating (And How To Stop That)

By Seamus Anthony

monkey mind book


What is the Monkey Mind?

The Monkey Mind is that voice inside you that seeks to undermine you at every turn in order to protect the status quo.

The Monkey Mind is scared and devious. The Monkey Mind’s values are all bent out of shape. He tells you that success is outwardly validated. He tells you that you will only be successful when you see your name up in lights, when you have the flash car, the fancy house. The Monkey Mind is the opposite of your Higher Mind.

The Monkey brow-beats us into submission. He nags us into defeat. He wages war with each of us. Yet most are not even aware that there is a war on, because the Monkey tricks us into thinking that his fearful voice, his paranoia, is our own. He fools us into believing that these thoughts are what we are, that we are the negativity that he poisons our mind with.

The Monkey Mind is a mental force inside of you that tries to prevent you from succeeding in order to protect itself from what it fears the most: change. And he is going to fight your every effort to rise up and shine tooth and nail from now until the day you die.

The Monkey Mind is what stops you starting.

The Monkey Mind is what stops you finishing.

The Monkey Mind is what stops you – period.

“Taming The Monkey Mind” is how to stop that.

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