What is Rebel Zen?

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Rebel Zen is you

Part of you is “rock n roll” but part of you is “dorksville”. Part of you is “attitude” but part of you is feelin' pretty chillaxed. Part of you wants to paint the town red but part of you is happy snuggled up with a book. Part of you wants to rule the world but part of you couldn't be bothered.
Rebel Zen is about your old ways and your new ways - and about how sometimes your old ways become your new ways again. It's about raging against injustice but it's also about acceptance of what is. It's a bad night. It's a great day. It's a shot of tequila. It's a cup of green tea.

Part of you is Rebel, part of you is Zen ... and all of this is OK.

There is nothing wrong with you...

Rebel Zen is about inspiring you to find your Warrior's Purpose, the thing that really lights your fire & empowering you to embrace your ambition & give it a red hot go. It's about how to overcome your self-doubt & pursue your mission with passion & success.
It's also about learning to be happy now, with what is. It's about stopping and taking the time to notice the little things (the big things even!) and truly remembering how amazing life is. It's about the joy that comes through mindfulness and gratitude.



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I'm Seamus Anthony

I'm a musician. I also love to think about, write about and practice personal development.

This obsession with personal development has helped me through anxiety, substance abuse and a depressing lack of focus in my life, through to a better place where I (usually) really feel great about my life and where it is going.

Yeah, that's right, usually. Sometimes though - I feel shit. And that's ok. That's Rebel Zen.

Rebel Zen is my way of helping you to feel better about your life as it is, right now, while helping you to experience higher levels of health, happiness and success in the future.

I've been a musician...

...for more than 30 years now, all of my teenage and adult life, and I've been compulsively writing for longer than that.

I see being a musician and writer as my warrior's mission and Rebel Zen is about that. It's about going from "rebel without a cause" to "Zen Warrior of Purpose".

I've maintained this blog since 2008. If you choose to read back through the archives you'll see that it's been a journey of finding myself and getting clarity. I honestly feel that I am only just starting.

What now? We gonna earn you some sweet Rebel Zen Master stripes! Go, download your free copy of my latest book: Taming The Monkey Mind: What Stops You & How To Stop That