The Hidden Secret In Think and Grow Rich

By Seamus Anthony

Have you read Think and Grow Rich and felt infuriated by Napoleon Hill’s “hidden secret” to success that he claims is in the book? I know I have. Well, look no further because here I am going to offer you two solutions to the problem, it’s just up to you to decide which you feel is correct.

For the uninitiated, Think and Grow Rich is pretty much the definitive work on applying your self to get what you want out of life (you can substitute “Rich” for any goal you want, be it “Lose Weight” or *ahem* “Get Laid”). And yes, with a title like that, it does sound like the kind of shit that any sane person would avoid at all costs, but then I am not sane and neither are most successful people.

First – Get Your Freebie

This book was researched and written over a period of twenty odd years and was first published waaaaay back in 1937, but don’t let the antique nature of the book put you off, it is easy to read and as punchy as the latest “thang” to hit the shelves. AND it’s in the public domain which means it is really easy to get it for free as an eBook and legally too … so whatever you do NEVER pay for an electronic copy of Think and Grow Rich.

I read it a couple of years ago and have become a fan of the process contained within. Despite the cheesy title, it is really quite a great system for getting what you need and want out of life and while it isn’t too complicated it certainly is the real thing as compared to miserable rubbish like the Secret that has been doing the rounds lately.

And yes it IS about Law of Attraction but that is just one component of the book. It is also about other things, much more down-to earth things, like *gulp* hard work and persistence.

So all-in-all Think and Grow Rich is an awesome book and I totally recommend it. It is also quite challenging to follow, but as I will explain soon, it doesn’t need to be.

But What About the Hidden Secret?

When you read Napoleon Hill’s book, you will no doubt become intrigued by the way he hints that there is a secret for success that was handed down to him by the then Richest Man in the World title-holder, Andrew Carnegie. Hill doesn’t spell it out for us because he believes that you will know it when you are ready and then it will jump right off the page at you.

Well, you guessed it, I have my own theory as to what this hidden secret is…


So does Brian Kim in his eBook “The Hidden Secret in Think and Grow Rich”.

My Version of The Hidden Secret

Well I have to say it has never jumped off the page for me but without really doing any serious re-analysis of the book I did read this quote by Carnegie and just assumed that this must be the secret that he told Hill and which was somehow contained within the book:

“Here is the prime condition of success, the great secret. Concentrate your energy, thought and capital exclusively upon the business in which you are engaged. Having begun in one line, resolve to fight it out on that line, to lead in it: adopt every improvement, have the best machinery, and know the most about it. This is the great secret…” Andrew Carnegie

Now it seemed to me to be obvious that when he said “this is the great secret” that he meant what he said and that there wasn’t likely to be some other great secret out there that he also believed in. After all he said “THE” great secret not “A” great secret. And this was where I got the idea for my Curly’s Law eBook which, by the way, you can download free here.

However I recently saw the sales page for Kim’s “Hidden Secret” book and I couldn’t resist buying it to see what he made of all this … and I must admit I was pretty skeptical at first.

But as I read through it last night I came to see that while the above version of Carnegie’s secret is a pretty good one, Brian Kim’s analysis is also a very strong case in point.

Brian Kim’s Version of the Hidden Secret

I guess the main difference between Kim and me is that I am pretty darn lazy in a lot of ways and I was never going to sit down and analyze the crap out of some self-help book just to figure it all out – and good thing I didn’t because Kim has done it for me! He explains in his book how he became obsessed with the secret and poured over the book for weeks and months on end until he finally believed he had ‘got it’.

Andwhile I still like my Curly’s Law version, the “just do one thing” approach, I can see now that Brian Kim has shown that this is really just one aspect of a 5 step process that Napoleon continually hints at over and over again throughout the book.

Kim reveals the secret pretty early in the book, and at first I was under whelmed, but the more I read through his painstaking analysis of what Napoleon Hill means and why it is so powerful and obvious (in the way that all great ideas seem obvious once some other genius has revealed it to you) the more I was convinced.

Once You Know The Second Version of the Hidden Secret Your Success Comes Naturally

Getting back to my comment earlier about how the Think and Grow Rich system can be hard to follow, Kim actually shows how it isn’t hard to follow at all once you realize that there is a specific order that you MUST follow in order to see the kind of massive success you desire. Then he challenges you to think about a time when you DID succeed in something and analyze the process you went through to see if it correlates to the Hidden Secret’s 5 step process. I did this for a few examples of my own success and was pleasantly surprised to note that I ABSOLUTELY DID unwittingly follow this process every single time I was ever successful in meeting a goal and that it wasn’t really hard work, but rather a spontaneous and enjoyable process of getting what I really truly wanted out of life.

So I am sold. The Hidden Secret in Think and Grow Rich isn’t one of those Rah-Rah-Rah books that leave you temporarily and artificially inflated but is rather a fantastic companion to the already brilliant original work that will make you feel both relaxed about your natural ability to succeed in life and will also motivate you in a very steady and true fashion that will last for years until the job is done. I have just signed up as an affiliate seller of the product (makes no price difference to you) and I have no problem in heartily recommending you pop over to the Hidden Secret webpage and invest in a copy right now. I have no doubt that it will really move you in a deep way, and if you haven’t read Think and Grow Rich yet then never fear because you get a free copy with the Hidden Secret Ebook.

And there is a money back guarantee so how can you lose? You can’t – so get to it. You have dreams to make happen don’t you? Well I don’t recommend any old shit so do yourself a favor and make a tiny investment in your own success already – you won’t regret it – click here now.

Cheers, Good to be back after some time off.

Seamus Anthony

P.S. Hold the Phone!

My brain must be suffering from the effects of all those tasty beverages I had during my holidays because I didn’t even realise that when you buy the Hidden Secret eBook now you get two other free bonuses THAT I MISSED OUT ON! Man! That sucks for me, but it’s good for you I guess! (I might have to write to Brian and ask if he will send me mine.)

Now I haven’t read them yet so I will just cut and paste what he had to say about these two bonuses:

BONUS#2: ($12 value) Get a FREE copy of my special report: The Three Biggest Mistakes People Make With The Hidden Secret – make sure to read this so you don’t make the same mistakes!

BONUS#3: ($15 value) – Get a FREE copy of The Hidden Secret Workbook – This 26 page workbook will help you apply the Hidden Secret and become consistent. It also contains helpful notes and summaries to help you remember and understand the information from the book.

If you are still reading this then you KNOW you want that eBook 😉 so click here to get your hot little hands on it now.

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