The Law of Repulsion

By Seamus Anthony

By Seamus Anthony

Everything has an opposite. Every Yin has its Yang. Therefore it makes sense that if there is a Law of Attraction there must also be a Law of Repulsion.

Well a quick Google search revealed plenty of articles about this, but here’s my take, a little counter-intuitive mind game to motivate myself to do those things that will lead to great results, but which can be hard to do (or not do).

Attract What You Want By Focussing On What You Don’t Want

The seed of anything lies in it’s opposite. This is described nicely in the Yin Yang model: a spot of white in the black half and vice versa.

Therefore if you are having trouble motivating yourself to get things done, or if you don’t even know what you want out of life, try focussing on what you DON”T want.

But Wait … Isn’t That Back-To-Front?

OK Stop: First let’s digress, in order to clear something up. There’s a lot of superstitious hokey-pokey about how if you focus on what you don’t want you attract that very thing into your life. This is probably true on a level.

For example if you focus on how miserable your life is day-in day-out, then your life will probably be miserable.

But on the flip-side if you just go around fibbing to yourself and every body else that you are as happy as a lark, that doesn’t mean it’s true. I am sure you have known people who put on a happy face but you get the feeling they are perpetually and deeply bummed.

On another level that kind of thing is unscientific hogwash. If you have a phobia, say reoccurring nightmarish thoughts about being bitten and killed by a poisonous spider, the chances are you are going to make it through life without this happening the same as everybody else. And if it does happen, well, you lucked out, but your thoughts had nothing to do with it (unless they drove you to put yourself at risk).

Know What You Want By Knowing What You Don’t Want

Sometimes it is easier to define what you don’t want in your life than it is to define what you want. A classic example of this is if you hate your job, but have no idea what your true career calling is.

If this is a problem for you, in any area, ask yourself this: What is it you don’t want?

Now ask yourself: what is the opposite of that? Does it make sense that this, being the opposite of what you don;t want, is actually what you want?

Sometimes I find that this just instantly clears up any foggy thinking about my direction or desires in any area. For example, I am supposed to be losing weight this year, but in fact I have been slowly gaining it. A couple of weeks ago I decided to start exercising again every morning.

Now, the best time of day to exercise is early, before breakfast, so I set my alarm. When it goes off I groan and moan – it’s cold out there!

I find asking myself what I don’t want helps me get up. What don’t I want? To be an obese man who never exercises. So what is the opposite of this? To be a trim and terrific man who does exercise. (Ok I would rather be a skinny man who never needs to exercise but this is not an option.)

So I want to be the guy who jogs every morning and looks sweet in a t-shirt. Better get out of bed then.

“Attracting” What You Want Really Means Getting Off Your Butt And Making It Happen

The reason I am hard on the whole Law of Attraction trend is because I believe that the purveyors of this school of thought twist words to sell books, seminars and DVDs.

They write on the blurb “Attract wealth, happiness, sex, etc into your life” like they are going to teach you how to build a success-magnet. And then they spend ages going on about affirmations, focus and positive thinking, and then they add “oh yeah – and you gotta work your butt off too”.

Truth is you can skip the daily affirmations, just work out what you want, write it down once, refer back to it when you need to focus, and work your butt off and make it happen, without spending hours each day repeating “I am a walking God, I am a walking God” over and over.

So if you want money – go get some money. And if you don’t feel like picking up the phone and making a sales call or whatever, ask yourself “What don’t I want?”

I do this everyday, I look at the phone and think “Oh God, I can’t be bothered calling people I don’t even know to try and build my SEM business“.

Then I think “What don’t I want?” and the answer is I don’t want to be an impoverished Dad who can’t provide for my little girl.

“So what do I want?” I want to be the guy who gets on the phone and builds his business so that he has enough money to provide a safe and comfortable life for his family.

This is one way that I use to motivate myself. There are plenty more.

Click here to find out about a great ebook about motivation that I totally recommend and use all the time. Check it out and good luck getting what you want!

Hi, I'm Seamus Anthony. I am an author, artist and musician from Australia. Here at Rebel Zen, I document my journey as an creative artist and human and in doing so, hopefully help you in your own progress through your life of creativity. Go get your free E-book by me: "Taming The Monkey Mind".

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  1. haha. Great examples Seamus! This is an oh so unconventional way to stay motivated and I like it! The law of attraction stuff is a little hokey pokey in my book as well. I am a firm believer in the importance of positive thinking, but agree that hard work is always going to be there. No quick fix in life ever! Everything takes discipline, focus and work. Imagine if there was no hard work? We probably wouldn’t be nearly as fulfilled. Accomplishing goals and continually learning and growing build the self confidence to keep plugging away. Awesome!

  2. Thanks Amber – I actually prefer “easy” work to “hard” work, as in work that I enjoy, that is more like play. But truth is I haven’t ever managed to get it to be all play no work, maybe nobody does. I mean, Bono must have to wake up early for a flight some days to get a to a U2 concert and just be like “Meh, fekkin’ airport run again, Jaysus” ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Seamus,

    Interesting post! I’ve never really thought about the opposite of the law of attraction. That is mainly because I have seen the law of attraction work. But if that law works, and doing the opposite has the opposite affect according to most people who teach the law of attraction, can the opposite work? I can’t see why not. I might do a trial run and see if it works out! Thanks for the post!

  4. Blimey – my head is spinning Nick! I’m not sure if you are going to do the opposite or the opposite of the opposite! Best of luck with it anyway and many thanks for stopping by ๐Ÿ˜›

  5. I must say that I enjoy the post. I definitely agree to some of the obvious flaws in the law of attraction. The secret to the secret is that “it is not about getting what you want but wanting what you get” The conscious mind has a way getting way to focussed on stupid things like e new car or getting Google rich. I suppose that focusing on what you don’t want and flipping it is a good way of cutting through conscious mind bullshit.

  6. Hi Brian – “The secret to the secret is that โ€œit is not about getting what you want but wanting what you getโ€”

    But what about those things that you don’t get that you still want? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. Great post: I couldn’t agree more. I actually just wrote an article similar to this at my own blog, and I think it’s a great time to have people aware that ‘making your own luck,’ as it were, will be necessary to improve all of our lives. Sitting back and hoping (or just sitting back) simply won’t do, regardless of how bad you want something.

    Good stuff!

  8. Great take on the law of attraction (LoA) ;). I think what most people missing about the LoA is that they have to take ‘inspired action’, that means listen to their little voice in their head that points them in a certain direction. All those affirmations are cute and cuddly but won’t help you in most cases unless you act. Sure, there are there miraculous instances where you think about wanting something and then a week later it is there without you doing anything.
    I’d say those affirmation and visualization are a kind of mental planning – after you’re done with that, what needs to be done gets obvious. So 90% visualization and affirmation and the 10% of doing go pretty easily (if you are convinced that your planning is right and it will work).

  9. I agree!!

    Sometimes what holds us back is the ability to act. Many of my coaching clients feel this. They have such great ideas and thoughts but they do not learn how to pick and choose the ones to put into motion and place the others on the back burner.

    Focus is really how you create STRONG habits and changes in your life no matter what your goal is. It is all about learning to put forth action to achieve the results you are looking for and not getting stuck with non-movement.

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  11. Yes, a relief of the one sided scourge of the promotion of the law of attraction. I think the main problem is that we tend to think digitally in an undigital world. our world is analog. So we tend to think in yes / no. Exercise/No exercise, Taking care/ Neglecting, Having Money/ Being Broke, etc. whereas our reality is more like a musical instrument. in tune or out of tune. if the tension of the string is too low, there is no sound. If there is too much tension, the sound is too high pitched or the string might even break. so it is all about finding the right balance, harmony. a person working on a computer 8 hrs a day, walks to the toilet, coffee machine etc. the average sedentary person walks 3 to 5 km. so still there is exercise. a top althlete might run 10 km a day on average. so there is not that much of a difference. only the speed. so it may be better not to judge oneself for “not exercising” but simply raise the bar.

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