Check out my cover of Olivia Newton-John’s “Physical”

By Seamus Anthony

This footage of me crooning out Physical (originally by Olivia-Newton John) “the psycho date from Hell mix” was salaciously, auspiciously and techno-bodaciously recorded last September at the legendary Songwriters In The Round event.



Incidentally (yeah right) I am performing at the relaunched Songwriter’s In The Round at the Wesley-Anne on High St, Northcote (Melbourne, Australia, the World, yadda yadda) this Sunday 1st July at about 2pmish with my old mate Andrew P Street who, for the digital record, is a legend, a gentleman and a damn fine musician. We used to play in bands in the center of the known Rockuverse: Adelaide, South Australia back when dinosaurs roamed the earth. (Much as they do now, only we, uh, I mean they, were more naive and therefore probably had more fun … and, conveniently enough, weren’t extinct yet.)

Anyway should be good n’ stuff.

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