How To Get High Without Drugs

By Seamus Anthony

Imagine … you are the master of how to get high without drugs … sitting in your room, enjoying the kind of brilliant, cosmic high that other people pay good money for – but it costs you nothing, you can turn it off at any time, and not only is it harmless – it actually strengthens and improves your health!

Sound like bullshit?

Well it’s not; it’s truth, and you can make it a part of your reality today!

how to get high without drugs

Here’s How To Get High Without Drugs

Confession: I Am a Complete Tripper

I get high without drugs on a regular basis – like, I am talking “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” here – except with two major differences:

  1. No paranoia or other negative side-effects
  2. I don’t actually take any kind of drug or substance to induce my highs

So how can you get right-out-there high without taking drugs?

Introducing … Psychedelic Meditation

Like some weird kind of hippy scientist, I have spent the last ten years refining a system of meditation designed – amongst other benefits – to induce a wonderful, clear, clean and blissful Cosmic High. Here’s how it happened …

I used to be big into drugs and alcohol – I was a musician with all the usual crazy ideas about what constituted a good idea and a fun time. My values have changed a bit now, but more so my physical ability to punish myself like that anymore. (At 35 – and after really going for party-gold for many years – the old system just doesn’t dig that crazy shit anymore.)

I used to pride myself on my ability to party on without much in the way of negative side-effects, I would go straight from a late night club to work in the morning and think nothing of it. But by the time my mid-late twenties rolled around I found myself getting more and more depressed. I turned to meditation to alleviate these feelings and pretty soon I was back on track and feeling better, but something else kept happening…

Something unexpected…

Although it was not why I had taken up meditation, sometimes I would notice a very pleasant side effect that came over me when I was meditating…

Meditating Was Getting Me As High As A kite – And I Loved it!

I had learned how to get high without drugs and, honestly, it was amazing – . I remember once a friend of mine knocked on my apartment door when I was in the middle of a particularly wonderful meditation induced high and when I answered the door he said something like “Man! You are totally glowing with some kind of supernatural light!” (I kid you not!)

I hugged him and then started enthusiastically describing how I was feeling: how I felt like my body was swimming in warm, sticky honey and how I was just so incredibly happy and how everything looked so trippy and how everything in the world just made so much sense … and he said “Dude! You’re on acid, right?”

But I wasn’t – not at all – and anyway it felt better than acid (I would know).

I was hooked – well, not literally because it’s not a destructive addictive substance – but I definitely wanted to feel this incredible Bliss as often as possible.


It didn’t happen every time. Sometimes I would sit and it just wouldn’t happen. I had figured out how to get high without drugs … sometimes…

But I kept at it and after ten years practice I can honestly say that I have got it down to a pretty fine art. What I am saying is – I totally know how to get high without drugs – like a boss.

I’d like to share this with you so I have written an e-book about it:

Click Here for “Psychedelic Meditation: How to Get an Awesome High Without Drugs”

Clicking the link above will take you to a page that has some more information about it and from there you can download the book for a very low price.

I do hope you decide to give it a go; I reckon you’ll get heaps out of it.

Just in case you need a little more convincing here’s a list of what’s in the book:

A Foundation Course To Prepare Your For Your Cosmic Trip – Meditation Basics For Those New To the Art
The One and Only Breathing Skill You Will Ever Need To Meditate Effectively
A Detailed Explanation of the Two Body Skills of Psychedelic Meditation
A Detailed Explanation of the Four Mind Skills of Psychedelic Meditation
A Dynamic Investigation That Smashes Some of The Biggest Myths Surrounding Meditation
Hints and Tips To Help You Get Through Common Roadblocks to Effective Meditation
Rebel Zen’s Patented “Tri-Focal Meditation Technique™” – a way to meditate that makes it so easy that even those with the busiest minds find they can finally break through and meditate properly
The One Negative Side Effect of Meditation that the Gurus Don’t Want You to Know … And What To Do About It.
The Single Greatest Secret to Happiness in this Life – you’ll see how this relates to how to get high without drugs when you read it.
Several Colourful Descriptions of Trippy Psychedelic Meditation Sessions of My Own (to encourage you to “break on through to the other side”)
A Guided Meditation For Those Who Need a Bit of Extra Help

PRICE: Only $10 – ten measly bucks! And there’s a 100% money back guarantee so there’s absolutely no risk to you. Considering what you probably spend on drugs, I think you should do it. And so does your Mom.

Click Here to Download “Psychedelic Meditation: How to Get an Awesome High Without Drugs”

Happy tripping!

Seamus Anthony

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Hi, I'm Seamus Anthony. I am an author, artist and musician from Australia. Here at Rebel Zen, I document my journey as an creative artist and human and in doing so, hopefully help you in your own progress through your life of creativity. Go get your free E-book by me: "Taming The Monkey Mind".

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  1. Sounds awesome Seamus. In my own meditation practice I’ve experienced some fantastic highs over the years. They were never the aim though. I’ve also had some great highs from qigong. So I’ve had a taste and must say I’m very interested.

    I doubt I will be able to resist buying your ebook for long 🙂

    Stephens last blog post..How to Make a Realistic Plan

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  3. Hey man — I can definitely relate. I personally get high off yoga, particularly asanas that open the heart chakra. I’ve also been on a holotropic breathwork high once. Have you tried that?

  4. @James – that’s the first time I’ve been accused of NOT being a hippy by way of insult, very funny. Methinks you should get real, dude. Peace and mung beans.
    @Ariel – I would say that the meditation high is cleaner and better in every way. I describe this in more detail on from memory.
    @Chris – I do yoga (not that I am any good mind you) but haven’t tried holotropic breathwork. In fact I had to google it, it looks quite interesting.
    @Stephen – I have done some Qi Gong over the years and I have found it to be quite ‘trippy’ although that does cheapen that actual experiences I have had, but you know what I mean.

  5. First of all, come bust. Second of all, methinks with moderation, one can do drugs, AND meditate. Third of all, referring back to moderation, maybe you can meditate too much? Not really, but that’s not the point. Lastly, yes, meditation gets you high, and you can direct and focus in very profound and amazing ways, but it’s personal strength. I use the mountain metaphor. Climbing up the mountain is hard. You are you. You are the mountain. You are the climb. Not only are you pitting yourself against yourself, you are also the entire concept as well. So sometiems it might help to loosen the constraints, allow the variables, understand that everything dies, but nothing ever truly lives. We just think we do. The drugs are like tools, microscopes, cameras, hammers, nails, shit man they’re even shoes if you use them right. Of course you already know this, because you’ve been there. So we’ll leave off with this: Everything is a drug, use language better, share your secret in an ambiguous way which puts the utilizer on the path but doesn’t plot the course, otherwise the point is moot anyway. Oh yea, and only communist capitalists who can’t figure out how to be hippies sell their philosophies. Hahaha. Go work for the government. Poseur. (oh, nostalgia)

    P.S. Oh, or be a baker.

    P.P.S. “Better” is an opinion, Obi-Wan. So is good or bad. Use more effective language if you’re in it to help. Get paid!

    Sorry if that seemed dickish, I’m just sassy! Much love!

  6. Yes i agree, i have felt it too.

    Everything seems extremely bright, including me( the glow you are talking about ) , i think it comes from a high state of thoughtlessness, correct me if im wrong here, extreme sense of clarity. This is one high.

    At other times an extreme sense of euphoria, and through activation of kundalini an unexplainable increase in energy.

    anyone whos been meditating for long enough i think has felt these things.

    I have this friend whos got so good at it through practice, that he just tells himself lets get high and within minutes he’s there.

    Yes i have also partied hard, done enough shit, infact i still do, but natural feels much better.

  7. I love Meditation, and that high you get off of it is amazing. I never gotten high off of drugs, I’m drug free for life, but I have gotten high from laughing gas at the dentist, so I know what it is like. The high from meditation is a new experience if you haven’t felt it before and it is wonderful, one of the greatest feelings you will ever have and images in you mind become so vivid. I you have a hard time getting into the meditation zone while trying to meditate, I have a solution for you.
    ^ This CD will do the trick, I promise, it has helped me so many times to get into the meditation zone or that high. VERY IMPORTANT: There are two keys that will get you into this zone I’ve realized from past experiences, the first key is your breathing, control how you breath, take deep breaths, breath in you nose and out of you mouth (IMPORTANT: Breath deeply, but not fast and definitely not heavy especially when breathing out of you mouth), the second key is, is to clear your mind (that CD will definitely do the trick, it helps you relax and it definitely clears your mind if you listen and not pay attention to your thoughts), and even if your meditation is for the purpose of finding a solution to a problem of any kind, don’t think about it at all, before you meditate think of the reason you are meditating is to find an answer to whatever you are seeking for and once you are meditating clear your mind and don’t think about that at all, don’t worry about looking for an answer, and by doing this you will find an answer 90% of the time, because the answer will find you instead and it’ll be the greatest answer ever and everything will make sense to you, I promise.

  8. Wow dude, what a genius way to sell a book! All people want to do now is get high; why not convince them that they can do it for “free”! I’ve experimented with meditation and the psychological serenity it can produce, but in case you’re wondering what makes you “TRIP”, that’s the LSD/acid you’ve admittedly taken that has permanently latched to your spine. When you do yoga or even focus enough, it re-releases those chemicals into your spinal fluid, following your brain stem into your thalamus. There it’s distributed into the medulla, cerebellum, and other significant brain structures to get you high. It’s not as intense as a fresh acid trip but most people are surprised to know how powerful it is. So make sure you include that disclaimer: “Your results may vary”. But as long as that’s there, ya tell people they can all get high for free and then charge them for an e-book. 🙂

  9. I just want to QUIT being attached, dependent on & ACTUALLY addicted to weed.
    I KNOW the symptoms, Ive been smoking for at least 3 years, almost straight and I need to get my life together. I dont want to feel a NEED to smoke weed. Its like taking over me, I never imagined Id actually be addicted, but its bad, at least in my opinion.
    I love meditating but when I smoke I forget about meditating, exercising, responsibilities, I dont even want to go out, especially when I have to go to work, Id rather get high all night ( graveyard shift ) I TOLD you it was bad. To make it worse, Im a female & cute at that, lol. But I feel the end with this struggle is coming to a close for me, I need to REPLACE it with something positive & I feel THIS WILL BE TREMENDOUSLY HELPFUL. I want to actually ENJOY life.
    Today I sat in Central Park, had a picnic, and I did not smoke today & I felt GREAT…but as I type this I feel the urge to cop a $10 bag & I just might.
    Yes, free or not I WILL be getting this ebook, next coming paycheck;}
    Thank you for making this site & book;DD

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