Towards The Castle of Awesome

By Seamus Anthony

By Seamus Anthony (for you)


“Towards The Castle of Awesome” is an inspiring declaration that I made to myself about 6 months ago after a long session of deep, cosmic meditation and under the sage counsel of Grandmaster Mu, Intergalactic Wizard of Boo-Yah.

Since then things have been going very well for me and I feel that I should share this with the world in order to help others to stand up and be truly Awesome. Read this aloud to yourself regularly, with feeling, and watch the magic unfold. Feel free to share the infographic or this page with others.

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Towards the Castle of Awesome

Towards The Castle of Awesome

I hereby choose to be Awesome.

I hereby choose to relax, to breathe, to take my time and focus on creating masterpieces, trusting that creating great work will be its own reward while also blessing me and my family with genuine abundance and wealth.

I hereby choose to let all I desire come to me based on my reputation, which I build by totally blowing people’s minds. I trust that – as it has so many times before – the Universe will provide.

I hereby choose to know what I want – and to get it.

I hereby choose to believe that God is on my side and is gently and persistently telling me that I do not need to rush about in fear. I need only to focus on doing an amazing job of the next task – the Awesome will take care of itself.

I hereby choose to be aware of and satisfied with every blessing, while mindfully preparing for tomorrow’s ensured abundance.

I hereby choose to work towards the betterment of all people and of the natural world, to make massive contributions, each one made up of many small gifts, to the positive evolution of life on Earth.

I hereby choose to be free, and to know what this means in every moment.

I hereby choose to wow myself and the world with my awesome creative powers, which are achieved simply by focussing on what I am doing, and by only doing the work of creating masterpieces that lead me towards my stated goals.

I hereby choose to love what I am doing, not to rush through the work as fast as I can, wishing it was done, but to care for my works and my actions as if they were their own reward.

I hereby choose to nurture my every act, and to consciously choose actions that empower me and all whose lives my actions touch.

I hereby choose to tap into the endless wellspring of power that lies at my disposal by realising that I have no procrastination or will-power problem but rather, I need only to choose what to do – to simply focus and act. I can, in short, “bring it”. And I can bring it without living an imbalanced life of scarcity and dysfunction.

I hereby choose to do it – and I do it.

I hereby choose to be aware of the power of focus and application. I choose to use the power that comes from realising that inspiration often only comes after the work has begun. I choose to write or play or create whatever masterpiece I desire, trusting that the Muse will flow through me.

I hereby choose to create wealth by creating true value, value that does not compete with others, that does not exist as part of some zero-sum game and does not disempower others or myself. True Value that rejects the Path of Despair.

I hereby choose to forgive myself if I screw up and to ask for and accept forgiveness.

I hereby choose – when I find myself walking down the Path of Despair towards the Forest of Doom -to consciously turn my entire being around and resolutely begin walking up the Path of Joy towards the Castle of Awesome.

I hereby choose to recognise that my perceptions are what inform my actions and so to actively perceive the Love that permeates the entire Universe, the Joy that creates Life and the Magical Power that is ours to tap into and put to good use.

I choose to thrive and be truly abundant at no cost to any other, but for the benefit of all.

So be it; make it so.

Seamus Anthony, 2012

Under the Sage Counsel of Grandmaster Mu,

Intergalactic Wizard of Awesome.

Hi, I'm Seamus Anthony. I am an author, artist and musician from Australia. Here at Rebel Zen, I document my journey as an creative artist and human and in doing so, hopefully help you in your own progress through your life of creativity. Go get your free E-book by me: "Taming The Monkey Mind".

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