How To Discover Your Super Power

By Seamus Anthony

What if I told you that you are in possession of an amazing Super Power? A personal attribute naturally so highly developed in you that if you were to be conscious of it and wield it effectively, you could move mountains?

Well, I believe you do have such a Super Power. I believe we all do – each and every one of us.

I believe that, on a sliding scale, we all have a big bunch of attributes that are very weak in us, and a lot that are very average in us. We also have a smaller group of attributes that we are much stronger in than most people.  Finally, at the top of the scale, we have one big daddy Super Power: a truly amazing personal attribute with which, if we identify and utilise wisely, we can realise our full potential and do great things in this life.

I have finally figured out mine, it’s taken me some time and a lot of inner work. Maybe the story of how I did will help you to figure out what your Super power is…

 discover your super power

discover your super power

“You Are Afraid Of Your Own Power”

I told a strange story a little while back, about how, after an intense massage administrated by a very New age hippy guy out in the suburbs of Melbourne, I had a trippy encounter with a group of extra-terrestrial / spiritual beings.

When I had the encounter, which took place in the shadowy realm where the divide between the imagination and the “real” become very blurred, the head-honcho alien, who I like to call Grandmaster Mu (for the sake of convenience and because the name tickles me) said something odd to me. Looking down at me as I lay on my bed, with his cohorts gathered around behind looking over his shoulder, he said something like: “You are afraid of your own Power.”

He and his mates then proceeded to give me a kind of “metaphysical tune up” while I slept (they asked my permission and started working as I drifted off), purportedly to fix the issue, mentioning to me that it would take some time and some work. In the years since they have revisited me during meditations or just before I sleep to continue the work.


OK … Umm … What Power?

This was all very well, but of course I have been mystified by what this wonderful “Power” that I supposedly possess is! I made a lot of guesses (see original Grandmaster Mu article), but they neglected to mention it by name. I now think this would be because when people discover insights about themselves and about life without being told directly, they realise them much more deeply.

In my Tarot work, I have also repeatedly received the Tarot card 4 of Cups in which a young man sitting under a tree in contemplation is being handed a magic cup, which to me always represented the opportunity provided by possessing a special gift or Power … but still … no idea what the super power specifically is!

Well, I’d been able to make plenty of guesses, without blowing my own trumpet I am not short on talents (or failings!) but I had the feeling the power in question underlies these technical skills, like singing or writing or what-have-you.


What Is Your 80/20 Super Power?

I actually haven’t spent THAT much time thinking about it, for while I may entertain visits from aliens here and there, I do actually live a functional life in “the real world” and accordingly spend most of my time happily and appropriately dealing with that. However I have recently been reading a lot of Richard Koch who writes about the 80/20 principal in some depth, as it applies not only to business but to life in general.

One thing that Koch mentions a lot is discovering your 20%; the “powers” or personal attributes that you possess that are so strong in you that when you leverage them you get far greater results than you do from the other 80% of attributes that are not as strong in you. I have spent some time thinking about this and it was not too hard for me to come up with a shortlist of my strengths and positive attributes. But one concept that sits inside the (very fractal) 80/20 principal is that within the 20% there is another 20%, and within that 20% there is another 20%, and so on.

So without getting too hung up on exact percentages, this logically leads you to think that out of a limited set of powers, there must be one power that we all posses which is our Super Power – that is to say, you are SO good at something, one thing in particular, that if you focus your energies on this you will surely hit some home runs.

We All Have A Super Power

So again this got me thinking: “What the hell is my Super Power?” I looked at my shortlist of Powers but it was not immediately obvious to me which one stood out above all the others. So I put it aside and went on with my life.

But the unconscious (or is it the sub-conscious? I am not sure which) is a powerful thing and a pro-active servant. While we sleep and drive and work and play and hustle and bustle and fuss the sub-conscious is busy mulling over things and searching through the vast databases of the brain and the even vaster Universal database – the primordial soup that we swim in – until it comes up with an answer. Then it patiently waits for an opportune moment when your conscious brain is having a rest to bubble the answer up for your conscious consideration.

And this is what happened to me recently when I was meditating. I hadn’t thought about the Super Power thing for a week or two, but on this particular morning, after meditating for just a couple of minutes – Pop! Up it came! The answer, if you please, on a silver platter!

Suddenly, I just knew what my Super Power is. Funny thing was, “it” wasn’t even on my short list, but as soon as I saw/heard the answer in my mind, I just knew. Of course! So obvious once I consciously knew!

I have no doubt that if I concentrate my efforts on this Super Power of mine then I will be able to exercise massive leverage in all my ventures.

Why I Was Afraid

It is now clear to me why Grandmaster Mu said I was fearful of my power. Looking back, I can see that I was for some time very fearful of my power, specifically due to a horrible, violent assault that I was the victim of some years ago. I always laughed it off (once I had recovered and was back on my feet) but in reality I can see it shocked me and caused me to be afraid.

But, even without knowing exactly what the issue was, I have been much less fearful since Grandmaster Mu and his gang did their “tune up” and have been unconsciously utilising my Super Power much more confidently. From here on, I know I will need to be careful not to abuse my power, but never fearful – fear is a dead-end.

Now, I apologise – you have read this far – but I am not going to tell you what my Super Power is! I am sorry if this disappoints you but we must not dilute our powers by blabbing about them!

However, I wrote this to encourage you to find your own Super Power. I can’t give you the exact formula for doing so, but I would encourage you to do a lot of deep conscious introspection to get the ball rolling. Then allow time and space for the unconscious mind to do its job.

Make sure you meditate and spend enough time relaxing and if possible, spend time in nature on a regular basis – not just barbecuing meat and drinking beer but walking, sitting and allowing your mind to settle without too much talking or activity.

It may take a long time, but keep searching, and the answers will come.

Good luck!


Hi, I'm Seamus Anthony. I am an author, artist and musician from Australia. Here at Rebel Zen, I document my journey as an creative artist and human and in doing so, hopefully help you in your own progress through your life of creativity. Go get your free E-book by me: "Taming The Monkey Mind".

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